Stabilometrija: Obdelava meritev


Download the program

You can download the software system to your computer for free. The version available is not the most recent one but is occasionally upgraded. The installation should be straightforward for anybody with some experience with Linux servers.
Anyhow, it is not a commercial program and the programming was not done with general users in mind. Besides, most of the comments and namese are in Slovenian language - the translation to English is still very rudimentary with many omissions and spelling errors.

The requirements are:
- Linux server with the web server Apache,
- PHP,
- compilers for Fortran and C,
- Gnuplot for plotting the graphs,
- root password.

The system was tested on various Fedora servers (Fedora 10 to 18) with the appropriate software.

If you intend to further develop the software, this is the version for you. But if your main goal is to use this software to analyze the accquired stabilometric data then it is much more convenient to use the system online on our server. It is free and includes all the recent developments.

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The system for analzing the stabilometric data is copyright protected. For research purposes you can freely use and copy it but you are obliged always to cite the original authors. You are not allowed to sell or use for commercial purposes any part of this system without written agreement of the authors.

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